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University funding

Funding for university projects

All requests for funding from colleges and universities are accepted and evaluated during an annual, competitive grant process. Online applications are available April 15 to May 31. The 2023 funding priorities were data analytics and precision agriculture with a focus on agronomy or ag mechanics/engineering. The application is now closed and decisions will be communicated in fall 2023.

CHS interns Ayefoune Alagbo and Emma Shrum
Overall program priorities and guidelines

All funding requests from colleges and universities will be accepted and evaluated as part of an annual, competitive grant process that will be available from April 15 to May 31 each year.

Additional guidelines:

  • Priority given to existing University Partners.
  • Applicants can submit one grant application for each priority area; however, no more than one project per applicant will be funded in any year.
  • Applicants are not eligible for funding in consecutive years; rather, each applicant may only receive funding every other year at most. For example, if an applicant was awarded funding for a university project in 2022, they are not eligible to receive funding again until 2024.
  • Indirect/overhead costs will be considered up to a maximum of 10% of overall program budget
Data analytics

The CHS Foundation will consider initiatives that prepare students to collect, analyze and understand data sets to optimize the agricultural supply chain. Priority given to projects that:

  • Drive students to innovate and develop new technology
  • Prepare students to collect and analyze data from multiple sources
  • Expand students’ understanding of data architecture and systems
  • Feature collaborative approaches that combine elements of statistics, economics and computer science
  • Offer hands-on learning for students
Precision agriculture

The CHS Foundation will consider university and college iniatives that prepare students to design, operate and maintain technology, machinery and systems for agriculture. Priority given to projects that:

  • Develop or enhance agronomy, precision agriculture, or ag mechanics/engineering degree programs, curriculum and classes
  • Recruit students to pursue degrees and careers in precision agriculture, agronomy, ag mechanics or engineering degree fields
  • Drive students to innovate and develop new technology
  • Provide students hands-on experiences

Funding exclusions

Funds available to support this program are discretionary and determined annually. There is no commitment by the CHS Foundation to fund any application or make any specific number of awards.

Applications will not be considered for projects related to:

  • Multi-year funding (Funds will only be awarded for one year, regardless of program length)
  • Greenhouse projects
  • General fundraising campaigns— applications must be specifically related to data analytics and precision agriculture with a focus on agronomy or ag mechanics/engineering
  • Operating budget support
  • Construction or renovation projects; the CHS Foundation prefers to fund programming and curriculum projects.
  • Scholarships- as scholarships are already supported through the existing University Partner program.
FFA students standing in a field
CHS Foundation celebrates 75 years of giving back to agriculture
As we celebrate this significant milestone, we look back on decades of supporting future ag leaders with thoughts from several key partners
Illustration of agronomy teacher
students learned about ag careers since 2021. The CHS Foundation supported career development and training programs at colleges and universities; diversity and mentoring programs; and professional development for collegiate organizations.
2023 goal: 25,000
Inside a tractor looking at screens displaying data from precision agriculture software
CHS Foundation awards precision agriculture grants
The CHS Foundation awarded six precision agriculture grants as part of the University Partner competitive program in Spring 2022.
Interns standing in front of the CHS headquarters building
The CHS Foundation offers scholarships for ag students at 25 colleges and universities.