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The CHS Foundation supports ag-focused projects at colleges and universities across the CHS trade area.  In 2021, university funding will focus on projects that help educate college students about the cooperative business model and precision agriculture projects that enhance sustainable farming practices.

Starting in 2020, all university requests are as part of an annual, competitive grant process that will be available from April 1 to June 30.  The funding priorities will change each year. New funding priorities will be announced in early 2021.

Priority will be given to existing University Partners. Colleges are welcome to submit more than one application for consideration, however only one project per school will be selected.



Funds available to support this program are discretionary and determined annually. There is no commitment by the CHS Foundation to fund any application or make any specific number of awards.

Applications will not be considered for projects related to:

  • Multi-year funding
  • Greenhouse projects
  • General fundraising campaigns- applications must be specifically related to Diversity and Inclusion or Precision Agriculture
  • Operating budget support
  • Construction or renovation projects
  • Scholarships- as scholarships are already supported through the existing University Partner program.
  • Cooperative Education – those requests should be submitted through the Cooperative Education grant program.

Creating More Ag Educators

The CHS Foundation helps teachers like Janelle Hueners receive new learning opportunities and prepare for a career in ag education.

ag students benefited from scholarships and university support


ag students benefited from scholarships and university support
2020 Goal: 6,000

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Applications open soon

Applications accepted April 1 to June 30.


The CHS Foundation offers scholarships for ag students at 25 colleges and universities.

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